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Is It Too Late to Schedule an AC Tune-up in Noblesville, IN?

By June 13, 2024June 14th, 2024No Comments
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Americans replace around 3 million heating and cooling systems yearly. Many do so because their existing systems are old and use inefficient technologies. But for others, it’s because their previous one broke down and failed too soon.

You can prevent your system from being part of the second group with regular AC inspection and tune-up services.

That said, spring is the ideal time to schedule seasonal AC checkups.

So, if you haven’t had the AC in your Noblesville, IN, home inspected and tuned up yet, you may wonder if it’s already too late. The answer is no, it’s not. However, you should schedule one as soon as possible.

We’ll tell you why it’s not too late to get an HVAC service schedule and how it can help in the first place, so read on. 

Why It’s Not Too Late

While Noblesville, IN, is famous for its mild weather, summer temperatures here can reach as high as 89° F in July. This month also brings the most “hot days” (nearly five), with temperatures exceeding 90° F.

Ill-maintained air conditioners are more likely to break down during those hot days, as the warmer, humid air forces them to work harder. All that “extra” work puts more stress on them and speeds up the degradation of their components. And if they already have worn parts in the first place, they’re more likely to break down.

That’s also why correct AC maintenance timing is crucial and best completed in spring or June at the latest. So, it’s not too late to schedule one now; doing so can help you prepare for Noblesville’s heat waves or hot days.

When It May Be Too Late

Preventive inspections and tune-ups aim to find and fix minor AC problems before they worsen.

So, if the system has already broken down, it might be too late to schedule a preventive AC inspection and tune-up. Instead, it would already need repairs or part replacements.

If the AC has severe problems and is over ten years old, replacing the entire system may be more practical. And if you decide to replace it, consider investing in a new one with the ENERGY STAR label. These highly efficient products can help you save up to 20% on heating and cooling costs.

What Happens During an AC Inspection?

On your service day, a qualified technician will look at the state of your system and see if it has any problems. It involves a lengthy checklist, which includes inspecting the following components:

  • Thermostat
  • Fan and motor blower
  • Refrigerant lines and levels
  • Coils and fins
  • Air filters
  • Electrical connections
  • Condensate drain line and pan

The HVAC technician will look for dirt, dust, grime, and filth build-up on these components. They’ll also check for issues like refrigerant leaks, a clogged condensate drain line, or a damaged drain pan. 

What About During a Tune-Up?

During the tune-up portion of your service, the technician will thoroughly clean your AC’s indoor and outdoor units. Some of the components they will clean are the fan, drain line and pan, coils, and fins, to name a few. They’ll also perform the following tasks:

  • Calibrate the thermostat
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Replace dirty air filters
  • Lubricate moving parts

Finally, the HVAC technician will discuss the inspection’s results in detail. They’ll then make the appropriate recommendations.

For example, the technician may recommend sealing refrigerant leaks and charging the system. If you have a damaged or leaking drain pan, they’ll likely advise you to replace it. 

Benefits of AC Inspection and Tune-Up

Since an inspection reveals potential problems with your air conditioner, you can have a reputable HVAC company fix the issues before they worsen. That can help prevent your AC from breaking down, especially when you need it the most, such as during a heat wave.

So, regular inspections and tune-ups help ensure your AC is ready to keep you and your home cool during hot days. That’s arguably their number one benefit, as staying in an air-conditioned place is one of the best ways to prevent heat-related illnesses. By ensuring your air conditioner is in top shape, you can better prepare for heat waves.

Here are other ways an air conditioner tune-up benefits you and your wallet. 

Optimal AC Performance

Over time, dirt, dust, and debris accumulate on AC components like the air filters and evaporator coils. This build-up hinders airflow into the system.

Unfortunately, restricted airflow forces an AC to work harder to get enough air into the system. It can lead to problems like:

  • Not enough cool air from your air conditioner
  • AC takes longer to cool your space
  • Poor humidity control

So, before those issues occur, get your AC inspected and tuned up ASAP. 

Improved Energy Efficiency

A dirty air conditioner uses more energy than necessary. That’s again due to how filth build-up forces the system to work harder. So, not only will an ill-maintained AC be unable to cool your home adequately, but it will also use more energy as it attempts to do its job.

So, to prevent your cooling bills from skyrocketing, invest in an annual AC maintenance plan.

Savings on Repair Costs

When an HVAC technician discovers minor issues during an AC inspection, they can often fix the problems on the spot. That’ll cost you less than if your air conditioner breaks down due to a severe malfunction caused by a lack of maintenance.

For one, the technician is already on-site. And, provided they’re from a reliable HVAC company, their service van is likely well-stocked with repair parts.

Minor AC issues are also more straightforward and cheaper to fix. However, if allowed to progress, they can turn into more expensive nightmares. 

Schedule Your AC Inspection Today

While spring is the best time to get an AC inspection and tune-up, it’s not too late if you missed your chance. What’s important is to schedule these services before your system breaks down. With a well-maintained AC, you can rest easy knowing it’s ready to keep your family cool and comfy throughout Noblesville’s hot summer days.

The expert technicians at Stay Comfy HVAC are available 24/7 to assist with all your HVAC needs. We service all AC makes and models and offer a Better Pricing Guarantee and lengthy labor warranties. 

So, call us today to schedule your AC service and get your free estimate!